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Letter: State shouldn’t fund religious education

State shouldn’t fund religious education

As an LGBTQ American and taxpayer, I’m writing to voice my opposition to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s tax credit plan to enable parents to send their children to private schools, particularly those run by any church. In plain language, tuition tax credit means the state, and all its taxpayers, are subsidizing religious education, something I find unacceptable.

LGBTQ children find it tough enough in school, especially if they fit stereotypes. If they are going to a Catholic or a fundamentalist Protestant school, it will be drummed into their heads that they are evil incarnate and will have to be cured somehow of this disease. That guarantees that psychiatrist couches will be filled with troubled gay youth seeking some kind of cure or salvation. Too often the end result will be suicide.

I do not want to see bigoted and homophobic institutions given taxpayer subsidies where vulnerable and questioning youth are at risk and will be spiritually and mentally violated. Not on my tax dollar.

Bruce Kogan