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Letter: Let’s rebuild society on traditional values

Let’s rebuild society on traditional values

As progressive and secular ideas replace traditional values, our society is experiencing disorder and dysfunction like never before. Still, new social ideas continue to be accepted and promoted based on the rationale that we need to “keep up with the times.” But “the times” is a meaningless concept, because it is the ideas we accept as a society that create “the times,” not the other way around.

Slavery was part of 18th and 19th century America only because it was an idea that was accepted by many people who lived during that time. It could be said, moreover, that slave owners were “keeping up with the times.” Did that make slavery a good idea? Of course not! Slavery was eventually judged to be a bad idea not only for that time period but for any time period. It did not fall out of vogue; it was recognized as immoral.

Similarly, the moral and social issues we debate today are independent of the time period we are living in, because morality transcends time. Thus, new social ideas cannot be judged on the basis of whether they “keep up with the times.” Nor can a new idea be judged to be good merely because we think it is or because we want it to be. Ideas, policies and laws need to be evaluated on the basis of whether they improve or harm people’s lives.

It is evident from both scientific data and personal observation that progressive and secular ideas are having increasingly harmful effects – broken homes, dysfunctional schools, narcissism, hopelessness, confusion and despair. Our society must be rebuilt on traditional values, which create order and balance and provide a framework for health, wholeness and happiness. It is the only way we can truly make progress, both as individuals and as a society.

Zach Krajacic

Vice President, 101.7 FM

Station of the Cross Catholic Radio