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It seems to us: Immeasurable heroism, Destino finds his destiny and Buffalo’s gates of wrath

Their numbers are rapidly declining, but they are still with us and their bravery remains all but incomprehensible, especially in a time of drone warfare.

Today marks the 71st anniversary of the D-Day landings on the coast of France – the invasion that led to the liberation of Europe and the defeat of one of mankind’s most malignant regimes, Nazi Germany.

The soldiers who landed on the Normandy beaches were among the most courageous that nations have ever produced – wading ashore into a barrage of enemy gunfire, not knowing if they would survive the day, the hour or the minute.

Their sacrifices and bravery changed the way we live today, 71 years later. These heroes made history.

Johnny G. Destino has finally landed on his political feet.

As reported, the former Niagara Falls School Board member and mayoral and State Senate candidate has a new $62,000-a-year job as the city’s purchasing agent.

Not exactly the job he campaigned for earlier this year. That one, as the city’s director of information management services. But not a bad second choice. It’s the same pay and puts him in close contact with his new political ally, Mayor Paul A. Dyster, whom he once ran against.

Destino, who has shown remarkable political dexterity as he changed parties in order to run against particular opponents, does have a substantial resume, making him a credible candidate for the job of new purchasing agent, or even director of information management services. But that really isn’t the important point in politics, is it?

An argument over a “more-than-half-million-dollar fence of hand-forged wrought iron with two massive gates” is not an everyday occurrence in this Rust Belt town.

Two enormous gates, one 17 feet tall and the other 12 feet, are already installed in front of 175 Nottingham Terrace, with the fence to come. Some neighbors are objecting that the project violates zoning restrictions and, this being America, we can expect the courts to become involved before long. Almost as captivating as the ornate gates themselves is that the dispute pits residents of one of Buffalo’s toniest neighborhoods.

Downtown and waterfront improvements aside, the fact that “gategate” is underway may be the true signal of Buffalo’s resurgence.