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Raises approved for Kenmore’s non-union employees

Kenmore’s non-union personnel are all getting 2 percent raises.

The Village Board’s decision this week affects salaries for 27 employees of the village, ranging from department heads such as the police chief and superintendent of public works to part-time workers such as van drivers and clerks.

The cost-of-living raises were given to keep salaries in line with village employees in bargaining units that have negotiated raises, said Mayor Pat Mang.

“We do try to mirror what the unions get,” he said.

The police and clerical units have new contracts, while the department of public works and fire department are currently in negotiations, said Village Clerk Treasurer Kathleen P. Johnson. The non-union personnel also are not eligible for overtime pay, she said.

“All of our union employees – except for the ones who are still negotiating – have received negotiated increases already as of June 1, which is the first day of our fiscal year,” she said.

The village court clerk also received a $2,000 raise, in addition to the 2 percent. Johnson didn’t have an estimate on the total cost to the village for the raises.

The vote was 4-1 in favor of the raises with Trustee Katie Burd casting the lone no vote. Burd said she didn’t object to the raises, rather she said she wasn’t aware of the proposal until only minutes before the vote.

“I didn’t know it was coming,” she said. “It wasn’t in my packet when I got it on Friday. It was information that I was not able to read ahead of time, which is what I like to try and do.”

The raises were not on the meeting agenda that was released late last week. Johnson said the board usually discusses the raises but that she is not involved in them because the clerk is non-union.

“That was an add-on,” she said. “They do have their discussion and then they let me know if they’re putting it on or not.”

But Burd said no discussion took place before the vote. “I was asked to vote on it and I said I wasn’t comfortable with that,” she said. “That’s why I voted no.”