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Letter: Time to crack down on speeders in parks

Time to crack down on speeders in parks

One day after the tragedy at Delaware Park and motorists cutting through Cazenovia Park are still speeding and running stop signs. Drivers cannot be trusted to drive safely through public parks and police cannot be there to enforce traffic laws 24/7.

What is the resolution to public safety versus irresponsible or criminal behavior versus people and families who want to use public parks?

Wherever possible, cars and trucks should be banned in parks. Also, until such time that electronic surveillance can be installed, more stop signs – annoyingly placed along roadways – should be installed.

Additionally, construction site speeding, after two violations, carries an automatic license suspension. Similar punishments should be imposed on park violators.

Speeding at Cazenovia Park doesn’t even save a minute in driving time, so why do it?

It is so heartbreaking that tragedies have to occur before common sense and human decency are considered.

Jay B. Duderwick