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City Hallways (June 5) Everyone loves Fillmore

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The state's Fast Food  Wage Board that  Mayor Brown chairs has a  hearing for 10 a.m. today  in City Hall.


City Hall scene - literally.

When I arrived at  City Hall this morning, there was a big  crowd outside,   carrying signs and  supporting a higher minimum wage.   $15 an hour. Obviously tied to the Wage Board meeting.

It's worth noting that the Long island newspaper, Newsday, Thursday published an industry poll that found half  of fast food restaurants in Nassau and Suffolk counties said they would be forced  to closed if the minimum wage, now at $8.75, increases to $15 an hour.

Meanwhile,  after chatting with some of the folks outside City Hall this morning,  I walked into City Hall.  Buffalo's self-proclaimed Push-Up King  was still in the building lobby. Still pushing.

As of 9 a.m., Jeffrey Warrick said he  had done some 45,000  push ups so far - well on his way to breaking a Guinness Book of World Records' record for most push-ups in a 24-hour period.  He predicted he'll beat the 46,001  push-up record well within the 24-hour frame.




It's shaping up to be one heck of a  political season in the city's Fillmore District, a redistricted polygon that goes from the Broadway/Fillmore area to parts of the waterfront and Allentown.

Dave Franczyk has represented the area for 28 years. He got endorsed by the Dems last month to run for another term.

Meanwhile,  Joe Mascia, the outspoken  elected tenant representative at the Buffalo Housing Authority, says he's also interested in the  seat. That brings the number of people ready to challenge Franczyk to three. Previously, Sam Herbert said he plans on challenging Franczyk this year, as did Joe "Iceman" Ludwig.

The candidates now have to get petitions sign to qualify for the ballot.


Meet the mayors

Mayor Brown spent some time in NYC earlier this week, attending  a summit sponsored by Yale School of Management. It was a chance for mayors from around the country  to meet each other as well as top  business leaders and educators, and  to network and share ideas. Brown was on a panel called "Economic Development & Infrastructure: Mayors as Visionaries."

Brown doesn't usually do a lot of this kind of travel, but said it was a great experience. "I listened to other mayors talk about best practices and answered questions about we do here, how we were successful with housing, and 311," he said. "I had an opportunity to talk to CEOs, some who have investments here, and an opportunity to try to sell Buffalo."


Still  opposing mayoral control

That  small group marching  outside City Hall to oppose mayoral control of city schools was back Thursday, still small but bigger than in the past. I counted 14 protesters. The group is expected back today, capping off a week-long protest.   Nothing new on the issue in Albany, where the bill appears dead for now, but protesters said they  don't want to take any chances.


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