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‘Push-up king’ at Buffalo City Hall attempting to break record of 46,001 push-ups

Jeffrey Warrick, the self-proclaimed “Pushup King,” is in City Hall trying to break the Guinness Book of World Records’ record for the number of push-ups performed in 24 hours.

The Buffalo native arrived late Thursday morning and will remain in City Hall until late Friday morning.

He has an official timer with him, who is videotaping the feat.

The current record, according to Warrick, is 46,001.

Warrick said he is combining his record attempt with a call for peace, saying he wants Buffalo to set records for the most push-ups and the fewest murders.

Warrick, 52, a karate and fitness instructor, had held the record multiple times in recent years.

He was doing 50 pushups at a time, followed by a break. Through Thursday evening, he says, he was on pace to break the record and expected to be in sight of his goal by dawn.