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Letter: Politicians need to stop twiddling their thumbs

Politicians need to stop twiddling their thumbs

The Tom Toles cartoon published on May 29 was perfect! The rain (or drought) is coming and Noah is drowning. Though he was warned, it was “too difficult” to do anything. How like today’s politicians. On climate change, we might take a strong stand. No! Smaller government is better.

Our infrastructure is crumbling. Massive investment is needed to save highways, railroads, bridges. Let’s cut taxes instead.

Millions of Americans needed health insurance, which President Obama passed into law. He suggested Congress tweak the law each year to make it better. Congress has not done that. It has tried to repeal it nearly 60 times. Does it have a better idea?

In these days of terrorist threats, millions of undocumented people roam the land. They find jobs, have rights. They work for low wages. Do we prosecute those who hire them? Can we document illegals, have them pay taxes and be part of the American Dream? Congress says “no” to immigration reform.

Our tax system is unfair. The tax burden should be distributed among the population so, without exception, we all pay our share. Taxation laws should be clear and open. Congress cannot “do” tax reform. It is too hard.

Millions of Americans work at low-paying jobs and cannot support themselves, let alone raise their families, without government assistance. What will our politicians do about that?

We need to know what our political leaders are for, not what they are against. I understand a man named Nero is running for president. He plays a lyre, an instrument with strings. Fear Nero.

Henry R. Danielson