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Letter: How can New Yorkers demand term limits?

How can New Yorkers demand term limits?

Voters in New York State need help in getting mandated term limits for all elected officials – help from those who know how to accomplish this without our elected officials. By all, I mean all state, county, town, village and school officials who are elected by us.

How can the people of New York demand term limits? We could hold our breath till the politicians do as we ask and bring it to a vote. But then we would never breathe again. There is too much corruption and too much power for a select few, and it keeps getting worse. Let’s stop the corruption.

People complain about some of those getting welfare working the system – the bad apples, not those needing it temporarily. Some, if not most, of these politicians are no different. They get good pay (some even get to vote for their own raises); some collect pay for over 40 years; some even double-dip, collecting a state retirement and a weekly paycheck from another state office. Then, when they do finally leave, most of them get a pension and lifetime health benefits that we pay for. Some of them are worse than anyone on welfare, yet it is all legal.

Politics was meant to be a part-time job or a community service, not a career. Without term limits, those in certain circles control everything and have all the power. The three men in a room talk. We’ve seen it for so long. They even decide what to bring to the floor for a vote, and they don’t bring it to the floor if it’s not in their best interest. How can we the people demand term limits?

Brian Moss