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Letter: Koch did excellent job sculpting Griffin statue

Koch did excellent job sculpting Griffin statue

It was very exciting to see a front-page article devoted to public art in Buffalo (“Monumental challenge,” May 24). I was particularly thrilled to see the statue of our late mayor, Jimmy Griffin. And then was equally disappointed to note the absence of credit to its sculptor.

I was present at the unveiling of this statue of Griffin and was most impressed by how true to life it is, both in capturing his features and demeanor as well as his movement as he throws out the first pitch.

The very talented sculptor who created this is Buffalo’s own artist, William Koch. Koch has several pieces of sculpture in our community, including the statue of Russell Salvatore in the Veterans Park in front of Russell’s restaurant. Koch was also commissioned by Jim and Jill Kelly to create “Hunter’s Angel,” an 8-foot granite monument to their beloved son.

Koch’s resume includes three years with the U.S. Army. He currently has a large studio at the Tri-Main Center, where he continues his work as a painter and sculptor. He has been a member of Buffalo Arts Studio since 1993.

As a community, we should be proud of our local artwork and even more proud of our local artists. Please give credit to Buffalo’s own artist, William Koch, as the creator of this lasting memorial to one of Buffalo’s most known and recognizable public figures.

Margaret R. Braun