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Letter: Bravo to Maritime for high standards

Bravo to Maritime for high standards

Some affirmative comments on the front-page News story on Maritime Charter School: The article clearly shared positive realities as well as the voices of some critics. As a longtime provider of youth services, I realize the educational piece is always integral to positive youth development. Maritime seems to realize that despite society’s current approach and political correctness, children/youth and, yes, even adults, need structure, guidelines, expectations and some semblance of discipline.

I laud Maritime’s statement that it can “at least have standards and consequences for students already enrolled.” Too often in schools and other settings, standards are continually watered down and/or eliminated. Why shouldn’t students have to meet a code of conduct, if we are preparing them to be responsible and contributing members of society?

Maritime states that it emphasizes “moral integrity and leadership, as well as academic effort and physical fitness.” Imagine offering those qualities and values to our young people in today’s world!

Though some might consider Maritime as having “strict rules,” students interviewed for The News article said they “receive extensive individual support from teachers, and a close community of kids who look out for each other.”

Bravo to Maritime! Its modus operandi is very similar to ours at the Franciscan Center, a successful transitional independent living program in South Buffalo for young men 16 through 20 who need help in “body, mind and spirit” amidst their “growing-up struggles.”

The parents should direct the family; the teachers, the classroom; and the mentors, the youth programs. Is the opposite working in our society?

Again, bravo to Maritime and others who hold firm to expectations, standards, values and structure.

The Rev. Joseph Bayne, OFM Conv.