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Letter: Vietnam veterans served for the love of their country

Vietnam veterans served for the love of their country

Wow! I had to check the date on the paper. I thought I was back in 1967-68. The words of a May 22 letter writer about Vietnam veterans echoed the same as when I returned in 1968, as they did for all returnees. I would not then and will not now vilify these people with an argument. But to put these proud men, whose names are on the Wall, in the same class as murderers and rapists is disgusting. These are our brothers and comrades who gave their lives for our country.

Neither I, nor any other person, served for the politicians or corporations. I served for the love of my country, family, God and our American flag. Regardless of the writer’s opinion, his fellow countrymen were fighting, and he chose not to help. There were many who felt the same way, but they served as medics or in non-combat jobs.

I think the American people have it right now, and know the troops are doing their job for them. I feel very proud when someone thanks me for my service.

The writer should get down on his knees and thank God that he could write that letter, because if it were not for all those people who fought and gave their lives, he might not have that freedom. Say a little prayer for all veterans. God bless America.

Dick Remmele

Master Sgt., U.S. Air Force

1951-1973; Vietnam, 1967-68