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Letter: Residents should fly flags on Memorial Day

Residents should fly flags on Memorial Day

I remember how it was immediately after 9/11. Americans everywhere started flying their nation’s flag, and because so many did not have a flag, they rushed out to buy one. Because of the demand, they had to wait weeks for the stores to restock.

Monday was Memorial Day, a national holiday to remember and honor those who have died while in the service of their country. If you don’t fly a flag on that day, when do you ever? Yet, in my neighborhood, I saw only two flags, and while driving, less than a dozen.

It’s sad that so many Americans take our liberty for granted, not reflecting on the hundreds of thousands of people who died for that liberty.

Our next national holiday is Independence Day. That should be enough time for everybody to reclaim their flags from the attics and basements where they’ve been stored since 2001, and fly them once again.

Eric F. Torsell