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Letter: Let’s keep politicking out of Memorial Day parades

Let’s keep politicking out of Memorial Day parades

In the wake of the Vietnam War and, more specifically, the shabby treatment of those who fought that war, it seems to me that the country has made a concerted effort not to repeat that mistake. Part of the evidence of that is the seemingly increased reverence displayed on Memorial Day. Those who served, especially those who died or returned badly injured, surely deserve a day that focuses on their service and sacrifice. Why is it then, that politicians, of all people, march in a Memorial Day Parade?

Having attended the Ken-Ton Parade for many years, I have always found it unseemly for the likes of Robin Schimminger, Mark Poloncarz, et al., to assume a place in this parade. Just as unseemly are those politicians who use this forum to hand out campaign material, as Marc Panepinto did Monday and many others have done over the years. If any of these politicians are veterans, they should march as such. Otherwise they don’t deserve a place in this parade or any other Memorial Day observance.

Is it too much to ask that these self-promoters spend one day on the sidelines showing their appreciation for the sacrifices of others like the rest of us do?

Joseph P. Brignone