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What it takes to gain admission to Buffalo's top public schools

There are roughly a dozen different academic programs in Buffalo Public Schools that require students to meet certain admission standards before they can be considered for enrollment. Schools that have such programs are considered "criteria-based schools." Many, but not all, schools with admissions standards require students to meet specific academic or testing thresholds.

So what are they? We wanted to know, so back in September we filed a request under the Freedom of Information Law. We received a final response from the district this week -- eight months after our initial request.

While some of this information is available on the school district's website, much of the information is scattered, incomplete and difficult to navigate. In some cases, the schools list what parents must submit for enrollment consideration but do not state the actual decision-making criteria for acceptance. The Civil Rights Project report released last week confirmed this assessment, calling the district's website outdated, non-user friendly and underused.

The district's Central Registration Office did finally provide a much more detailed chart outlining the admissions process for the various criteria-based programs, as well as how applications are judged for acceptance.

Here it is: BPS admissions criteria - 05-28-15

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