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Letter: Ill-conceived war was based on lie

Ill-conceived war was based on lies

I don’t agree with the negative responses to Bruce Beyer’s May 22 letter in The News. My cousin Richard was killed in Vietnam, a war that was orchestrated by our government with the ill-conceived domino theory – if South Vietnam fell to the communists, all of Indochina would go the same way. It made no sense, then or now.

Ego-driven Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara opted to back a series of Vietnamese leaders whom he believed the United States could control. Each failed. Our commander, Gen. William Westmoreland, lied about enemy body counts and North Vietnamese troop strengths as our young men continued to be maimed and killed.

It was the thousands of Beyers of the country who helped end this debacle. Today, Vietnam is one of our strongest trading partners and the rest of the region remains politically unchanged.

Since World War II, we needed a catchy slogan to either invade another country or increase our defense budget. The “missile gap,” “the window of vulnerability” and the one our kids are continually dying for because a president said, “We’ve got to fight them there so we don’t have to fight them here.”

Beyer sniffed out the government lies 50 years ago. I wish my cousin had done the same, for he would still be with us.

Joseph N. Weiss, Ph.D.