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Letter: Festivities show many need refresher on flag etiquette

Festivities show many need refresher on flag etiquette

Over this past Memorial Day weekend, I had the privilege of attending several parades, ceremonies and events honoring our veterans. It was heartwarming to see patriotism on the rise and so many people out to celebrate our freedom.

On the other hand, it was unsettling to see the folks who either didn’t know or didn’t care about flag etiquette. I was fortunate to have a civics class in school, so here goes:

Remove your hat. Yes, you with the Buffalo Bills hat on.

Stand when the flag passes – not the vet in the wheelchair, the kids sitting and texting. And when you get up, shut off your phone.

Stand for the pledge to the flag as well as the national anthem – no spitting, no chewing, no talking. If you haven’t learned the words yet, shame on you.

Rise when taps are played. This should not need a reminder.

Put your hand over your heart (or salute, if a veteran) for any or all of the above.

I think it would be a great service if the emcee or whoever is on speaker would remind folks before an event what to do. This would be especially helpful before the parades at the Eden Corn Festival and Erie County Fair.

Let’s stand up and honor the brave men and women who gave us our freedom and let this country know we are proud Americans!

Sharen Trembath