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Letter: Liberal agenda is hard to understand

Liberal agenda is hard to understand

The liberal political agenda and media think nothing of assailing the Catholic Church and fundamentalist Christian churches for being morally opposed to gay marriage and abortion. They believe that opposition to these rights should have no place in modern America. They also look for opportunities to point out that Christianity throughout history has been responsible for wars and inquisitions. This was most recently expressed by the president at the national prayer breakfast.

These liberals and media avoid criticizing the Islamic faith, even though the Islamic religion is strongly opposed to gay marriage and abortion. Liberal leaders also take great pains to publicly divorce the terrorists in the Middle East from connection with the Islam faith. The terrorists themselves proclaim that their violent actions are justified by Islam.

Even the country of Iran, dedicated to the destruction of Israel, is a center of Islamic belief. American liberal-minded leadership now negotiates with Iran, which has been previously acknowledged as a terrorist state. Given the new terrorist threat of ISIS, it seems that Iran is now the enemy of our enemy and can somehow be viewed as a friend.

These contradictions in political positions and attitudes of staunch liberals are difficult to understand, especially for those living in the freedom of a country founded on Christian ethics and principles.

Paul Schlau