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Letter: Letter was insulting to Vietnam veterans

Letter was insulting to Vietnam veterans

I’m writing, as best I can, a reply to the almost incredible letter of May 22, “Who will memorialize nameless war victims?” My shock isn’t so much aimed toward the stereotyping and lies – as a Vietnam veteran, I’m used to that – but at The News for printing such a disrespectful letter aimed at veterans, especially Vietnam veterans, on the Friday before Memorial Day weekend. I wouldn’t expect anything else from the writer and others of his ilk; that’s standard procedure. For The News to print his letter is fine with me as well. However, the timing was inappropriate.

Having been greeted by people like the writer, throwing bags of pig blood at our bus transporting returning Vietnam vets, his views are unsurprising. Protests against government policy had turned against drafted veterans – kids just like those protesting, kids who had just spent 12 months in situations people like him can’t even imagine. His justifications are mostly lies and exaggerations aimed at all the wrong people, and to a very harmful effect, adding to issues like PTSD. I hope he’s proud of the harm he’s done.

Remember, “People sleep soundly in their beds at night because rough men stand ready in the dark to visit violence on those who would do them harm.” I’m proud to have been one of them in my life.

Paul Christopher