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City Hallways (May 29) Casey buzz, Push-up king

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Mayor Brown and a National Grid exec scheduled a press conference for this afternoon to talk about some lighting improvements at four city parking ramps.


The former first deputy mayor

Lots of buzz, as you'd expect,   in City Hall over the news of search warrants at the home of former Deputy Mayor Steve Casey as well as former Erie County Democratic chairman Steve Pigeon, and Chris Grant, Congressman Chris Collins' chief of staff.

Casey was already gone from City Hall, when I started covering the Hall  in November .  He left in July for his private sector development job. But I've nonetheless heard plenty over these past six months about Casey's tenure here. Good and bad.  Some talk about what a taskmaster he was, and  say it in a positive way,  in terms of how  he kept things running like a train that wasn't going to be miss a scheduled stop.  People wouldn't be late when Casey was around. They wouldn't ignore an assignment, or take an extra day off from work. But on the flip side, others in City Hall describe him as a tyrant, mistreating employees, yelling at and belittling people, and sometimes acting beyond his authority. These same people say City Hall's a nicer place to work with Casey gone, and that more people are willing to offer up ideas.  However, I've also heard it's not as disciplined a place as it was when Casey was around.


Push-Ups for Peace 

Here's a way to take one's mind off  political shenanigans. Push-ups.

From a press release that arrived yesterday:
" Jeff Warrick, a 7x World Push-Up Champion, is attempting to break the Guinness Book of World Records record for the Most Push Ups in 24 Hours. The current record is 46,001.

"The record breaking attempt will take place in Buffalo City Hall’s Front Lobby on June 4th and June 5th over twenty four hours.  Warrick, known as Buffalo’s pushup king, has been training to take on the challenge for months and feels ready for the challenge.  He invites the public to come and cheer him on during the event.

pushup king

"Mr. Warrick is challenging the City of Buffalo for a year of peace upon successful completion of the push-ups to remember all the slain victims of Buffalo, NY and begin the healing process."


Today's Buffalo News 

I have full story in today's paper on the Zoning Board decision to let Joe Dash open a self-storage facility n the former supermarket building he bought on Kenmore Avenue.



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