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Letter: Pendleton doesn’t want huge compressor station

Pendleton doesn’t want huge compressor station

We know the celebrations that occurred when a billionaire came to the rescue for Buffalo’s sports teams, but do people remember that he made his immense fortune from fracking in his home state of Pennsylvania? Now we have more “corporate leaders” from National Fuel wreaking havoc with people’s lives across New York State and here in Pendleton, just because they can!

It’s not personal; it’s just business. Good business for them that the fracked natural gas reserves found in Pennsylvania exceeded their expectations, but that means the price goes down. Their solution is to send gas to Canada for a bigger profit. Forget that their slogan in support of fracking was to “Make America Energy Independent.” Let’s save Canada from ruining its countryside with fracking.

It’s a brilliant idea for the corporation and for Canadians, but a terrible idea for those unlucky enough to be living near one of these natural gas facilities. In Pendleton, the company plans to build a 22,000-horsepower compressor station. It would be the largest in the region and four times bigger than the one in Elma. National Fuel says: Don’t worry, the continuous compressor noise won’t be any louder and won’t affect our quiet residential neighborhood. The toxic, noxious and carcinogenic emissions are completely harmless. No problem for the 320 families surrounding the compressor site or the 3,000 people at Starpoint schools, less than a mile away. We were assured there would be no leaks, just like citizens in Santa Barbara.

To learn more, search “Pendleton Action Team.” How much more money does National Fuel need?

Karen Slote