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Letter: State should keep ban on Ultimate Fighting

State should keep ban on Ultimate Fighting

I found the picture of an Ultimate Fighting Championship bout in the May 24 News very disturbing.

We are such hypocrites. As a society, we decry violent behavior perpetrated on women, children and the elderly. We rally against the violence done by extreme religious sects. Yet we, as a “civilized” society, condone the brutal, vicious behavior in what is considered a “sport” – Ultimate Fighting.

The radical religious sects believe that what they are doing is honorable and for a higher cause. What is our higher cause, State Sen. Tim Kennedy and Assemblyman Mickey Kearns? How honorable is our justification for promoting this violent behavior?

It is a very sad commentary on our society when we can dehumanize and debase a human being for increased tax revenue and call it “sport.” Ancient Rome has nothing on us. Yes, we are a Christian nation!

Caroline B. Calamita