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Letter: Queen City Bike Ferry is great addition to harbor

Queen City Bike Ferry is great addition to harbor

It seems like every week, someone is talking about the substantial and innovative ways Buffalo is reinventing itself. I’d like to add my observation about the Queen City Bike Ferry to that growing list. The creation of the Bike Ferry is a smart and quick response to the problem of accessing the Outer Harbor. The Outer Harbor continues to grow with new activities, parks and sights to see, but lacks a quick and easy access point for pedestrians and cyclists. I have heard of plans for a bridge to access the Outer Harbor but for now, the Bike Ferry is certainly an easier and more cost-effective solution.

I am glad to see that this vision of Assemblyman Sean Ryan and the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corp. is now a reality for our waterfront. The Bike Ferry builds on efforts to encourage multimodal transportation in the Buffalo area. At a very low cost to riders, the ferry shuttles between the Inner and Outer Harbors, allowing riders to enjoy the area they love from a new perspective.

The short distance across the Buffalo River from the Inner Harbor to the Outer Harbor is no longer an obstacle. This project does not cater to just one group of people; it benefits pedestrians, runners, bicyclists, visitors and anyone who wants to enjoy the natural resources here in Buffalo. Projects like this will continue to bolster the Outer Harbor area by providing innovative ways to enjoy the public land that is already there.

Mark Perencevich