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City Hallways (May 27): Halloween Conundrum

Calendar items

City zoning board today.  Joe Dash is back, trying again to turn the vacant supermarket building he now owns on Kenmore Ave into a self-storage facility. Other items on agenda include

an urban "farmhouse" planned for Massachusetts Ave and plans to convert a Linwood Avenue funeral parlor building into apartments.

Halloween shouldn't be this hard

For those who thought the toughest thing about Halloween was figuring out what the kids should wear, consider this saga coming out of Buffalo's  Lovejoy neighborhood.

While most communities have trick-or treating on Halloween, Lovejoy and Kaisertown traditionally set aside Halloween Eve for the candyfest.

It was sort of an open secret. So in addition to kids in the neighborhood, some from outside the neighborhoods, including from nearby suburbs, would also stop by for some early trick or treating.

But then, a few years ago, I'm told, some residents wanted to get in sync with just about everyone else, and  suggested trick or treating be switched to Halloween Day.

Kaisertown wasn't interested. They liked their night-before-Halloween tradition.

Lovejoy made the change.

It hasn't always worked out for the best.

Halloween Eve has been a bit of a crowd scene in Kaisertown. "Like a Bills Game," said Lovejoy Councilman Rich Fontana, since Kaisertown is now the only community around giving out candy on Halloween Eve -- apparently attracting outsiders who used to come to Lovejoy as well as Kaisertown.

Lovejoy meanwhile,  is apparently confused.  Outsiders aren't coming in like they use to, but local kids are trick or treating on Halloween Eve and Halloween Day.

Now, some Lovejoy residents are saying they never wanted the change in the first place.  Over 500 signed a petition saying they want to go back to the old ways:  Trick or treating on Halloween Eve, and a Halloween parade on Halloween.

"As you know," the petition says, "the past couple years, we have had mass confusion in our Lovejoy community regarding Halloween."
Fontana predicts tradition will prevail, and Lovejoy will again be trick or treating on Halloween Eve this year.

Grass report

A couple weeks ago we ran a  story saying Buffalo officials got a head start on mowing city lots, and  that they vowed to do a better job keeping up with the lawn mowing this year.

I just took a ride around checking out the grass situation on some main thoroughfares that in past years  were overgrown.  Nothing scientific.

I went down Fillmore to Bailey to William then back to City Hall. I so didn't have time to check side streets.

All in all,  things look much better than  in past years. Much better. The city lots on the three streets looked recently mowed.

Neighborhood news

I want to use this blog to provide neighborhood news that might not get into the paper.

Here's a few things out of Tuesday's council meeting:

  • Food store licenses approved  for 160 Doat, 525 Doat and 1076 Sycamore.
  • Used car dealerships  approved for 31 Abbott and 665 Bailey; but denied for 2618 Bailey.

Today's Buffalo News: I have story in today's  paper on city's plan for a year-round Hatch restaurant on waterfront.

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