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Super Handyman: Coiling up hose in a flower pot

With the current water restrictions in my area of the country, I am back to hand-watering my front yard. That means I have to keep a hose hooked up behind the bushes and ready to use. What I have done to make it easier to get to and easier to store when I finished is to use a large, empty flower pot for that. I hooked up the hose, then ran it up through the bottom of the pot and set the pot just in front of and under the bushes. I keep the hose coiled up inside the pot and ready to use. It’s much more convenient, and doesn’t look too bad, either.


Q: I like my shutters, but have finally decided to try to paint them. I’m tired of white and I want to paint them black. They seem to be fiberglass or vinyl. What do I paint them with? – H.T.

A: If you don’t have a lot to do, you might be able to use the spray paint made for plastic. Another option would be to use a primer and then exterior paint. You should scuff-sand the surface before applying the primer for the best adhesion. Tint your primer dark to help with paint coverage.

Tips from readers

We have two cats. We keep their cat box in the laundry room. This is a pretty good arrangement because any litter they slop out of the box usually stays in the laundry room. I was having to vacuum every other day, though. I bought a large commercial floor mat that holds and traps the stuff, and it covers the whole floor in the room. It’s also been great at catching other dirt that gets tracked into the house from the garage, too. All I have to do is shake it out once a week or so. It has been a real timesaver for me. – T.G.


I got so tired of hearing my son slam his closet door that I was going to take it down and just get rid of it. But, after cooling off, I grabbed a couple of felt bumpers that I used on some of the feet of our chairs, and stuck these in the track where the door hits the jamb. Now when he slams the door, it bounces back and you can barely hear it. – C.M.


We bought our first power washer. We have a large driveway and patio and wanted to be able to clean it often. But when we started to paint the house, we tried it on the wood siding, too. It stripped off a ton of the old, peeling paint. We still have a little bit of scraping to do, but way less than we had originally thought. It did take time to dry, but probably saved us many hours of scraping and cleaning. – J.S.


We installed pegboard in our garage for storage and organization. It works so well, and is easy to put up and maintain. There are so many different types of hooks to use, too. I am also installing pegboard in my craft room. I’ve already bought a bunch of hooks and can see that I will be the most organized crafter on the block. My closet is next! – E.S.

A super hint

The best way to cut through heavy clay soil is with a sharp shovel blade. Taking a few minutes to sharpen those digging blades before heading outdoors can make your all of your gardening easier.


I love to paint. When you have all of the prep work done and your supplies on hand and you are ready to go; it’s a wonderful thing. One supply that I’ve run across is so cool that I needed to share it with you all. The Paint Glider takes the place of a standard paint tray. It’s made to prevent drips and slops, and it’s on wheels, so it’s easy to move around as you work. It’s easy to fill and easy to pick up and move or drain at the completion of your project.

Please check this one out before your next paint project and see what I’m talking about. Just go to and see for yourself.

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