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Letter: Raise minimum wage, but not to $14 an hour

Raise minimum wage, but not to $14 an hour

The fast food industry is not the kind that builds careers, nor is it intended to earn a living wage from. Most employees are transient students or retirees wanting to supplement their income or earn extra money for school.

To pay them $14 per hour is ludicrous. I know architectural technicians, engineering student interns and medical professionals with far more schooling and responsibility that do not earn this wage, and it would be an insult to those folks to pay some kid that much who cannot make change for $5 without the help of a calculating cash register.

Is this a sincere attempt to raise the living wage or just another ploy to gain votes? Do the politicians want to really help? Bring higher-paying jobs back to our country from offshore facilities and start investing in America. To do this, you have to make it more popular to be here than abroad.

It strikes me as odd that companies like General Motors, Ford and Chrysler, which originated here with infrastructure already in place, have to have plants in other countries to survive when companies like Toyota, Honda and others can start fresh here and succeed. This comes back to taxes and bureaucracy, which needs a serious overhaul, and a poor trade agreement that favors countries like China. Countries that disregard child labor laws and human rights are tough to compete against. Allowing companies here to take advantage is what is hurting domestic wages.

Should the minimum wage be raised? Certainly; but uniformly, without preference given to any geographic location, and not to $14 per hour. Raise pay in accordance with the cost of living index, or many small businesses will close up shop.

Charles Carter