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Amherst implant dentist Shatkin earns award for service excellence

An Amherst-based implant dentist will become the first in his field to receive an award from the American Academy of Hospitality Science for his work in restorative and cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Todd Shatkin, who works at the Aesthetic Associates Centre for Cosmetic Dentistry, earned the Five Star Diamond Award, given out by the AAHS, an organization that awards excellence in the travel and luxury services sector. The organization is chaired by Joseph Cinque, and Donald Trump is an ambassador for the group.

Shatkin is just the third dentist to be recognized by the group, said Emma Cinque, vice president of the AAHS. Michael Crouse, who is based in New York City, is one of the other two dentists, and he nominated Shatkin for the award.

Shatkin will be given the award at a presentation on June 5, which also happens to be his 50th birthday, he said. He specializes in doing mini-dental implants, which can be used to anchor dentures in place, or to replace missing teeth. In addition to his practice, Shatkin has lectured to other dentists about mini-implants, and his technique has been patented since 2006, he said.

“Hospitality is the key word,” Shatkin said of the AAHS. “I’m always striving with my staff to provide the utmost in customer service.”

The award can be rescinded at any time if Shatkin or his practice fails to live up to the Five Star Diamond Award standards, he said, and it is renewed annually.