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Letter: Falling marriage rates damage family structure

Falling marriage rates damage family structure

A recent article in The News showing the decline in the number of marriages in the United States comes as no surprise.

To quote the article that appeared in the May 18 issue: “Millennials continue to delay marriage because of economics, education and preference.” However, the main reason for this decline is the result of couples living together and enjoying the benefits of married life without the commitment.

In my generation (and for many generations before), young couples in love got married to consummate that love, and that is the way God intended it. He gave us the gift of sexuality to be enjoyed in the context of holy matrimony, primarily for the purpose of procreation – not for recreation as is the case today.

Aside from the moral issue of cohabitation, there is also a social issue, as most studies now show that there is a higher risk of divorce among couples who have lived together before marriage.

But the scary part of the article was when the author who tracked falling marriage rates projected that if the current pattern continues, the marriage rate will hit zero in 2042.

May God help this country if indeed we do head in that immoral and destructive direction. Maybe the only way to change this trend is through prayer.

Rose Wade

West Seneca