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Reporters’ Notebook

OLAF FUB SEZ: According to essayist, poet and philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson, born on this date in 1803, “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”


Who Will Miss Me?

Who will miss me when I am gone?

In a house which has no sound.

Where the plants in the windows

are yellowed and dry

and the clock in the foyer unwound.

Who will be there with the lamp unlit

and the coffee cup now clean

and the windows to the world

with nothing to mar their sheen?

When the rocking chair no longer rocks

Where The News is no longer read

Will the children and husband go unclothed

and at night remain unfed?

Who will miss me when I am gone?

When the piano is not played

Will music be supplied

or will the melody fade?

Will there still be flowers in the yard?

Will the neighbors all still wave?

Who will miss me when I have gone

to a cold and lonely grave?

Who will miss me when I am gone

when there’s no one to answer the phone?

Will the kettle sing or the doorbell ring?

Will anyone feel alone?

Maybe they’ll miss me for a while

when the days are dreary and sad

while thinking of the happiness

a family of seven once had.

But the days will be bright again in time

And the spirit of life in each heart will climb

Until I am all but forgotten at last

Except when a thought gets a hold of the past.

– Diana Notaro


BEYOND BOOKS – The director of the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library, Mary Jean Jakobowski, and her manager of information, services and outreach, Daniel Caufield, will speak on the topic, “The New Launchpad Maker – Space” in the Imagine Lecture Series at 12:30 p.m. Tuesday in the Central Library in Lafayette Square in downtown Buffalo.

The program in the Ring of Knowledge on the main floor of the Central Library opens at noon with a Great Courses video featuring astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Admission is free. You can purchase lunch at the library’s Fables Cafe or bring your own.

The series is sponsored by the Center for the Study of Art, Architecture, History & Nature.


COUNTRY COMFORTS – The Fresh Air Fund, an independent non-profit agency, has provided special summer experiences for New York City children from low-income neighborhoods since 1877, thanks to thousands of volunteer families in rural, suburban and small town communities in 13 states from Maine to Virginia.

Volunteer applications currently are being accepted.

Call Nicholas Kamen at (212) 897-8908 or visit


HELP WANTED – The North Tonawanda History Museum, 54 Webster St., is looking for North Tonawanda residents who would like to serve as trustees.

Historians, educators, attorneys, accountants and people with fundraising experience are especially welcome.

The museum also would like to find volunteers for a variety of tasks, from clipping news articles to developing grant proposals. For info, call 213-0554 or visit


MILITARY REUNIONS – A reunion of all former crew members and flag personnel from the USS Boston, CA-69, CAG-1 and SSN-703, will be held July 16 to 19 in Fayetteville, N.C.

Family members are welcome. For info, visit or call Barry Probst at (508) 580-3808.

All personnel who served aboard the USS Elokomin will hold a reunion Sept. 24 to 27 in Cleveland, Ohio. For info, call Ron Finet at (262) 742-4269 or email


HAPPY BIRTHDAY – Robert Stiglmeier, Patricia Gelman, April Jones, Amber Dixon, Andrea Benkovich, Liz Carone, Olivia Oliver, Laura Podkulski, Mark Dunn, Diane Sopicki, Jill Krzemien, Ferron Camp, Debbie Frank, Kathy Pangburn, Greg Chilcott, Tina Alagna, Megan Amato, Chi-Chi Dan and Kristin Nicole Wach.