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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions


• Sullivan Court, Jeanne D. Magavern to Forbes Homes Inc., $25,000.


• Grove Ave., Holly Bradley; Louis Bradley; Holly E. Bradley; Holly Smith to Olivia K. Davidson, $108,000.

• Prospect St., Ruth Earl; Edith M. Cleague to Stacey E. Farrauto; Samuel J. Farrauto, $83,000.

• South New York St., Joseph Dipasquale; Marie G. Dipasquale to Connor J. Ennis, $68,000.

• Olcott St., Patrick Lewis to Robert Lindemuth, $67,500.

• 31 Priscilla Lane, Peter Faris to Sean Lewis, $40,001.

• Lock St. & Washington St., Jason D. Gardner; Calli A. Gardner; Callie A. Aikens to Ines Gaschot, $36,000.

• Prentice St., Amy L. Griffin; Amy L. Demaison to Douglas J. Miller; Jacquelyn A. Miller, $17,400.


• Willow Wood Drive, Arthur F. Zobal Jr.; Susan Ellen Zobal to Dondra Decker; Paul J. Decker, $242,000.

• Jeffrey Drive, Sally J. Conley; Richard J. Conley to Deanna Sherman, $126,706.

• Rochester Road, Robert W. Luff to Americo Varallo, $125,000.

• East High St., Frank A. Disinger; Donna J. Kleinhans to Jaelle Baldwin; Marc G. Baldwin, $97,500.

• Wilson Road, Thomas C. Strickland; Deborah A. Strickland to Kathleen S. Belson; Brian M. Belson, $64,000.


• 3059 Bixler Road, Countryside Mobile Home Park Inc. to MHC Countryside Estates, $5,750,000.

• Lake Ave., Carol E. McIntosh; Randall A. McIntosh to James P. Staples, $193,000.

NIAGARA FALLS Highest price: $109,000 Average price: $54,610 Median price: $55,050 Number of Sales: 20

• 1901 Falls, Keith Canazzi Equity Trust Co. to DHGF Llc, $109,000.

• 98th St., Giuseppa Loiacono; Vincenzo J. Loiacono to Sally Reynolds; Bruce Reynolds Jr., $95,000.

• Buffalo Ave. & 60th St., Videolink Inc.; to WSM Property Management, $90,000.

• 1114 15th St., Warren Vincent; Warren S. Vincent; Katrin A. Vincent to Beal Bank SSB, $81,799.

• 615 Tronolone Place, DHGF Llc to 360 Castle Properties, $74,835.

• Grand Ave., Marissa C. Bartels to Kelly J. Carpenter, $63,500.

• 516 31st St., Mark Digregorio; Margaret M. Human; Margaret Digregorio; Margaret M. Digregorio; Mark M. Digregorio to Wells Fargo Bank, $62,607.

• Ontario Ave. & 35th St., David R. Wakeman to Brianna L. Rice, $58,300.

• 151 77th St., Patricia Rose McIntyre; Thomas C. Mcintyre; Patricia R. Mcintyre; Patricia G. Mcintyre to Sun West Mortgage Company Inc., $57,986.

• 74th St., Yvonne Turri; Jerel D. Turri to Jerad F. Turri, $55,100.

• 22nd St., Barbara C. Pucci to 6690 Llc, $55,000.

• 84 Steele Circle, Marjorie L. Maggard to Viola M. Taylor, $47,600.

• 78th St., Ida Furno; Ida Ferno to Michael W. Seelbinder; Elizabeth K. Seelbinder, $45,000.

• 1400 Tuscarora Road, Elena A. Bruno; Joseph P. Bruno; Joseph Bruno to Sharon Cline, $40,000.

• 17th St., Patricia Alfiere to Craig Waldeck, $31,500.

• 19th St. & Ashland Ave., Lucien Fazzino to Jibril Nagi; Khalid M. Obaid, $27,480.

• 342 19th St., Wing Properties to Bat Sheva Ilany, $26,500.

• 1653 Linwood Ave., Wing Properties to Crohn Llc, $24,500.

• 20th St., Chris A. Plennert to Norine Vathy, $23,500.

• 2463 Niagara Ave., City of Niagara Falls to Percy L. Hilson Jr., $23,000.

NORTH TONAWANDA Highest price: $144,200 Average price: $48,214 Median price: $40,978 Number of Sales: 8

• Cambridge Ave., Alicia Johnson; Kamil Laminu; Alicia Laminu to Francis P. Perkowski, $144,200.

• Oliver St., Kristin Connell to Paul Brown, $60,000.

• Falconer St., Joan B. Berner to Maxwell M. Foster; Cassandra R. Foster, $58,000.

• 433 Kohl St., HUD to Paul W. Myers, $44,455.

• Lincoln Ave., Michael S. Body to Ian Michael Davison; Kristina Rose Reedy; Karen Reedy, $37,500.

• 218 Edward St., Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Michael Stromberg; Susan Stromberg, $25,000.

• Schenck St., Joseph Okon; Bonnie Okon to Bonnie Okon, $10,000.

• Falconer St., LC Strategic Holdings to CR Dream Llc, $6,558.


• Kriston Lane, Jaclyn Winter; Ronald H. Winter to Susan B. Bjornholm; Theresa A. Sutton, $265,000.

• Cloverleaf Lane, Campbell Pendleton Llc to Ryan Homes of New York; NVR Inc., $55,620.


• Dansworth Road, Natale Munno; Linda Marie Munno to Thomas J. Dugan; Marianne C. Dugan, $250,000.

• Youngstown-Lockport Road & Dickersonville Road, Sandra L. Tuck to Cyrus Ardalan; Tracy Ardalan, $150,000.

• William St., Atul Jajoo; Shalini M. Jajoo to Shailesh Maheshwari, $100,000.


• 9006 Chestnut Ridge Road, Brian Scott; Brian D. Scott to Thomas J. Farrell; Gail A. Farrell, $100,000.

• Maplewood Drive, Dana O. Miles to Melissa N. Brown, $85,000.


• Somerset Drive, Linda Sojda to Scott Elder; Laura Elder, $50,000.

• Somerset Drive, Scott Elder; Laura Elder to Gerald F. Weaver; Patricia M. Weaver, $15,000.


• Captains Way, Ryan Homes of New York; Nvr Inc. to Richard Tringali; Deanna Tringali, $240,615.

• Lakeside Drive, Russell D. Trippe; Sara N. Trippe to Donald H. Andersen, $202,000.

• Rishan Terrace, Susan B. Bjornholm; Theresa A. Sutton to Sandra M. Guerin, $180,000.

• Dimatteo Court, Susan J. O’Brien to Holly E. Bradley; Louis F. Bradley, $177,900.


• Newman Road, Paul Siuta; Mei-Jen Chesterfield; Leroy T. Chesterfield to Shawn M. Stemper; Jicole L. Cottet-Stemper, $6,000.