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Letter: New York’s Republicans worry about wrong issues

New York’s Republicans worry about wrong issues

According to the national news, New York’s rural bridges rank with the nation’s worst. This is a scary insight as to why things are falling apart in this state. Events in Albany remind one of why it has become known as Dysfunction Junction.

Last week, Senate Republicans assured us that the more ridiculous aspects of the NY SAFE Act, which have been ignored for a couple of years, were the biggest problems in the state.

The NRA, mostly a lobbyist for gun manufacturers, met with new Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan and his leadership team to display a cynical take on the needs and problems facing New Yorkers. They focus on guns, not infrastructure, when over half of New Yorkers don’t own guns but a majority use and depend on bridges.

Many of us hoped that education or health care would have been discussed in early Senate deliberations. But instead we get a focus on guns. This emphasis on a tiny issue that resonates solely among gun enthusiasts reflects why the GOP dwindles, with aging white male and generally rural conservative voters dominating the party. The GOP fails the responsibility of remaining relevant by developing reach to the new multicultural nation we are becoming and demonstrating a bankruptcy of ideas for the future.

The GOP must waken and remember that good government means working for the long-term good of all the people. The former party of Abe Lincoln has denounced his noble heritage of constitutional government by the people and betrays the principles of its traditions of government for the people.

Art “Happy” Klein