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Letter: Artificial turf will reduce number of player injuries

Artificial turf will reduce number of player injuries

As an official for over 20 years, I would like to add a different view of the “turf war.” First of all, turf fields require less maintenance than grass fields, and the fact that most fields are used year-round means they would bring additional revenue in the form of field rentals.

Second and more important is the safety of the participants. I’m sure most of you have never had to run on Williamsville’s grass fields, which are uneven to say the least. I have seen players turn ankles and tear up their ACL because they have taken a bad step into a gully and had to be carted off the field.

The most overriding advantage to turf fields is the elimination of the Canada geese droppings. Have those opposing the artificial turf ever seen what happens when a player takes a tumble on the field and slides into the goose droppings? I’m sure there is no health hazard connected with these tumbles.

So before all the naysayers rise up to complain about their taxes and diminished property values, take a couple of minutes and think about the safety of the children.

Bill Sciolino