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Letter: Amherst must address its terrible traffic jams

Amherst must address its terrible traffic jams

The growth in residential and commercial properties in Amherst/East Amherst has naturally resulted in an expected increase in traffic congestion. However, this problem seems to have recently exploded, reaching a critical point on several major traffic routes.

Anyone who regularly uses Sheridan Drive, or any of the main connectors from Main Street (North Forest or Evans roads), can attest to daily mile-long lines of traffic, extending in both directions, from Harlem Road to Youngs Road both in the morning and afternoon.

The heavy traffic is also quite difficult for bike riders and pedestrians, with cars careening through intersections when the light is already red. Is there a reason for this acute increase in traffic density and, more importantly, is there a plan for dealing with this growing problem?

Betsy Subjeck