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Tips to stay safe while walking

• Wear comfortable, supportive walking shoes

• Walk with a friend, and let someone else know where you’re going and how long you expect to be gone.

• Choose routes that are well used, well lit and safe, with places to sit in case you need to rest.

• Walk on a path or sidewalk when possible.

• Choose parks to limit sharing space with motorized traffic.

• Stay alert at all times. Watch for uneven sidewalks and cracked surfaces. If you’re listening to music, lower the volume so you can hear bike bells and verbal warnings from bikers and runners coming up behind you.

• Carry your ID, emergency contact information, a charged cellphone and small amount of cash.

• If possible, walk during daylight.

• Follow traffic rules. Pay attention to traffic signals and don’t jaywalk. Cross at crosswalks and give yourself plenty of time to walk across a street, to lower your risk of falls.

• Never assume a driver sees you crossing a street. Try to make eye contact with drivers as they approach.

• Wear brightly colored clothing during daytime walks. Wear reflective materials or carry a flashlight at night.

Sources: National Institute on Aging, Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo