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The Rev. Msgr. Robert K. Golombek: We are all called to paint on hearts

As you go about your daily life, look around you. I am sure you cannot help but notice how many individuals are listening to – or speaking into – cellphones or various other devices the market has to offer for communicating with others.

With all that technology offers us at very high prices, one mode of communication is still open to all at no cost at all. Through meditation and prayer, I can speak to God and hear an inner voice of God speaking to me.

I vividly remember the day God called me, but I didn’t quite understand. My pastor had died. As I stood at his casket in church, I heard a voice say to me: “This is to be your life.” It was 1957.

Speaking with my parish priest, I was told to pray more, for God was calling me. Why me? I had spent seven years preparing myself to be an art teacher. Why would God want me?

I set off to talk to the seminary rector, who also told me to pray. “God will guide you,” he said.

Day after day, I would stop in church to pray – to sit in silence and wait. One day, as I sat in that stillness, I heard that voice again: “You are to be an artist, but you will not paint on canvas. With your faith and your love, you will paint on the human heart. It is with your love and patience that you will create what will last forever.”

From that day on, I never doubted what God wanted me to become and what he would help me to do.

And today, May 22, I will have painted on human hearts for 50 years.

All these years I have always found times to sit in silence – to speak with my heart and to listen. In this listening, I have come to be guided by God’s voice.

It is so easy at times to lose your way, to fail through weakness, but if you pray and if you listen, God will guide you and you will find peace. There have been many successes and most recently some failures, but I will not stop until I run out of love.

I share all this with you because so many people today fail to realize the great gift that they possess.

Today we communicate more with one another than at any time in history. But has this communication taught us about brotherhood and peace? Look about you, read the newspaper, turn on the television and you will have your answer.

So turn off the computer, silence the cellphone, shut off the radio and television and for the first time in your life begin to listen to the inner voice of God that waits to speak to you – but only in silence. You will be amazed at what you will hear.

Fifty years ago, God called on me to paint light with love. I’m still painting and still listening, for he continues to speak and guide me.

We are all called by God to be artists. We are all called to paint on human hearts in our society that are dark and so in need of life and light.

Give God a chance. Spend some time each day in silence and prayer. Speak to him and he will guide you.

I’ve done it for 50 years of ministry and it works. Only in silence, stillness and serenity will you hear this voice. Pray, listen and paint light with love.