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Letter: GOP’s promises to repeal the SAFE Act were all talk

GOP’s promises to repeal the SAFE Act were all talk

Every time I go by a “Repeal the SAFE Act” sign, I have to chuckle. I remember all those Republican candidates who signed pledges saying that they would repeal the SAFE Act if elected. Some people even fell for those promises.

Well, here we are, six months after some of those candidates were elected, many on the strength of that pledge, and they are already talking defeat.

Candidates spent more time talking about repealing the SAFE Act on the campaign trail than in the State Legislature.

The newly enacted state budget includes money for funding the SAFE Act, and the repeal bills are stuck in the Assembly Codes Committee.

And to add insult to injury, the budget was passed after a “Message of Necessity” – in the middle of the night, no less. Sound familiar?

Republican Senators elected a new Majority Leader, downstate’s John Flanagan. Flanagan, who himself voted for the SAFE Act, was even elected with votes from upstate anti-SAFE Act lawmakers.

The new Senate leader candidly acknowledged that repeal is done. “I think on a very practical level most people don’t believe the SAFE Act is going to be repealed.”

Local media make much of the new leader and resurrection of SAFE Act talk in the Senate, but without the Assembly and Gov. Andrew Cuomo on board, such talk is dead in the water. Sen. Marc Panepinto’s efforts at compromise aren’t going anywhere either.

So do us all a favor. Take down the signs; plant some flowers.

Rick Fuller

West Seneca