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Letter: UB needs to rethink logo for athletic teams

UB needs to rethink logo for athletic teams

I wonder if Danny White, University at Buffalo athletic director, reads this column. It is great to see the many UB students and alumni continuing the voice of reason and pride, which normally would direct most leaders to rethink some bad decisions. To our university leaders: We are One Buffalo, very proud of this city and its history, and very proud of our athletic teams, their university and their identity.

UB leaders choose to distort this identity for some reason, yet if they had any respect for this university and the thousands who came before and after me, White would explain his reasons for disguising the pride of the UB Bulls playing in Buffalo. Could it really be about recruiting? If so, what a blatant oversight when you look beyond an image.

The new $314,000 study underway to brand the university in some other way may lead to a good thing; perhaps someone on that committee will see and feel the intensity of the pride all Western New Yorkers have in this great university and its rightful name.

One other thought for our SUNY leaders. Learn from the actions of Kim and Terry Pegula, and what they have meant to the Buffalo Sabres and the Buffalo Bills. They acquired two storied franchises, respected and built on their local history and totally embraced Western New York through the Buffalo identity. They created an environment that attracted top-caliber management, top head coaches, top free-agent players and prospects, and are now setting records selling tickets. All this without the thought of changing identity!

I would suggest this approach would be a great model for UB branding.

James R. Ahrens