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Letter: Roads should be a priority if county truly has surplus

Roads should be a priority if county truly has surplus

Several weeks ago, I read an article about a projected county surplus for 2014. The county comptroller was quoted making his suggestions on how to spend the surplus. Then an article appeared where, to his credit, one of the legislators suggested that the roads should be a priority.

In the May 16 News, there seems to be a “slight” discrepancy in the amount of the projected surplus. County Comptroller Stefan Mychajliw had projected $9.4 million and County Executive Mark Poloncarz is projecting $2.5 million. That alone could make one wonder if anyone in County Hall really knows what he is doing.

However, after driving on local roads, I would like to point out that, in my opinion, if our elected officials were doing their job by maintaining our infrastructure, the idea of a surplus is ridiculous. As we swerve around potholes to avoid damage to our cars, I guess we should be happy to know that the surplus is being used to fund our elected officials’ pet projects.

William Wilson

Grand Island