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Letter: Obama’s weak response enabled ISIS to flourish

Obama’s weak response enabled ISIS to flourish

It is often said it’s a crime to yell “fire” in a crowded theater because of the panic it could cause. A greater crime would be to not yell “fire” if you were aware that the theater was about to become an inferno and consume everyone inside. Sometimes the fear of causing panic causes silence or inaction, when just the opposite is needed. President Obama’s reluctance to use the term “Islamic extremist” and later calling the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria “a JV team” is an example of this.

If Obama had been proactive, he could have dealt with ISIS when it was an ember and before it became a five-alarm tragedy. Radical Islam is a lot like a raging fire that does nothing but destroy. You can’t negotiate with it; you must extinguish it. The earlier you deal with it, the easier it is to put out.

Obviously, not all Muslims are bad. However, if you allow an extreme ideology (for example, Nazism) to spread, just like a fire, it soon gathers strength and destroys everything in its path.

Obama’s unwillingness to deal with ISIS early on and his downplaying of radical Islam is the reason our nation and future presidents will have to deal with this threat for decades to come.

Leo J. Garaczkowski

North Tonawanda