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Letter: Include politicians on ‘do not call’ list

Include politicians on ‘do not call’ list

A recent article in The News concerned an 88-year-old lady who is annoyed by all the nuisance phone calls she gets. She was advised to use an 800 number to register on a “do not call” list to reduce them. It was acknowledged that it would not work for political calls, which are excepted.

I, too, am similarly annoyed, and most of the calls I get are political – from all over the country. It would be very helpful if the exception would be eliminated, or a voluntary exception were offered. Unfortunately, there is little chance of that happening. Politicians make a lot of special privileges and exceptions available to themselves, as we know.

Incidentally, one can register on the “do not call” service online. Also, “caller ID” is a big help.

Francis J. Busch