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City Hallways (May 21) That was quick!

On the calendar

That final public hearing on the city's bicycling master plan - the one Mayor Brown mentioned on Ride Your Bike to Work Day  -  is tonight.
It's 6 p.m.  in the auditorium of the downtown library.  The goal's safe and uninterrupted bicycle lanes throughout the city, connecting with the suburbs.


New census data estimates released today. I just checked and saw Buffalo's  2014 population now pegged at 258,703. That's down at about 850 from the revised 2013 estimate. The estimates are not stagnant. The 2013 estimate released last year was about 600 fewer that the current 2013 estimate.   The 2010 census -- that's the full one, not the estimate-- had Buffalo's population at 261,310.  Buffalo officials are predicting the 2020 full  census will show a population uptick. We'll see. That 850 drop comes at a time when we're hearing about the influx of immigrants coming to Buffalo, which means the outflow is exceeding the influx.





That was quick

A picture, as the saying goes, is worth a thousand words.  Earlier this week,   City Hallways pointed out that - under the new City Hall lobby lights - it was more obvious than ever that the City Hall wall directory was outdated. When I stopped in the lobby yesterday, I noticed that Darius Pridgen -- no longer  Richard Fontana - is now listed as council president, and Rasheed Wyatt- no longer Bonnie Russell - is now listed as University Heights councilman.
If the directory says it, it must be true.

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Without leaving comforts of his home (city)

Just wanted to mention, Mayor Brown Wednesday attended his first state  Fast Food Wage board meeting. Brown did it without leaving Buffalo for New York City or even Albany. Instead, he

teleconferenced from the state Labor Department building in Buffalo, listening in as the state labor Commissioner  gave Brown and his other two commission members their charge, their timeline,

and some  Fast Food industry stats.

The group will hold four public hearings around the state, including one in Buffalo on June 5, then recommend to Gov. Cuomo  if New York should raise minimum wage  for fast food

workers.  Brown said he'll leave Buffalo for some of the upcoming hearings, but couldn't  Wednesday because the city's 2015-16  budget was  presented to Buffalo's Fiscal Stability Board.

Cuomo  last month named Brown chair of the Fast Food Wage Board, which will decide whether to recommend that the minimum wage -- currently $8.75 an hour and set to be $9 Jan. 1 - be

further increased  in the fast food sector.

While it takes an act of the state Legislature to raise the overall minimum wage in New York,  a provision of state law that allows the executive branch to increase wages  in a single industry if

there's a determination that  wages are insufficient to ensure the life and health of workers within that industry or classification.

Cuomo's already said he doesn't think $8.75 is a living wage. Fast food workers are pushing for $15 an hour. Brown said he's keeping an open mind, listening to workers and business leaders.

Also, in case you missed it, The Buffalo's News's Albany Bureau Chief, Tom Precious wrote that Brown Wednesday got another gubernatorial appointment, this one as  a SUNY trustee.

"The governor asked me, and I'm happy to serve,"  Brown said.



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