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Lockport drinking water ruled safe, ban lifted

LOCKPORT – Testing by the Niagara County Health Department has shown the water supply in the western part of the City of Lockport is safe, and an order not to drink the water has been lifted, the Health Department announced at about 2 p.m. Wednesday.

Ronald Gwozdek, the department’s principal public health engineer, said all tests were negative for harmful materials. He said if there ever were any, the two-hour flushing the city Water Department gave the mains on Monday flushed them out.

Residents of several blocks were warned Monday not to drink their city water. A worker for Northeast Paving, who had connected a fire hydrant to a tanker truck to obtain water to spray grass seed on the grounds of a Lockport school, accidentally sent the seed and pulp paper mixture into the water main.

An executive of the company, based in Lancaster, acknowledged the worker should have used a backflow preventer but did not. The city said the company did not obtain a permit to use the hydrant Monday.

Most of the work on replanting grass after a parking lot expansion project at North Park and Anna Merritt schools had been done Friday with no trouble.

Mayor Anne E. McCaffrey said no chemicals were in the tanker truck to wash back into the main.