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Letter: Wind turbines will mar life along Lake Ontario

Wind turbines will mar life along Lake Ontario

On May 14, The News printed three pieces with a common thread:

• Pendleton residents fighting a noise- and vibration-generating 22,000-horsepower gas compressor that threatens health, property values and quality of life.

• Buffalo’s Fruit Belt residents fearing gentrification as developers drive up prices, edging longtime residents out – from their parking spots to their very homes.

• Williamsville School District residents feeling “railroaded” by their officials, who have planned a sportsplex without seeking impacted residents’ input. Blaring loudspeakers and stadium lights will interfere with neighborhood peace and quiet.

To those three above, add this: In the towns of Somerset (Niagara County) and Yates (Orleans County) on Lake Ontario, we are fighting up to 70 570-foot wind turbines on rural acreage that will drastically affect our health, property values, environment and quality of life.

A Virginia-based company (think carpetbaggers) has wreaked havoc, surreptitiously working undercover for more than 18 months with landowners, coaxing them to sign 49-year gag-order leases, and then, only after that, unveiling to the people what’s been going on under their noses.

Common denominator? Some entity has drawn a bead on an unsuspecting geographical area, having designs on it. What happens next makes all the difference. Find a way to join forces so citizens can speak out with one decisive voice, like Pendleton’s Action Team. Use Facebook. (We have a Save Ontario Shores page.) Gather someplace to strategize. Don’t be afraid to meet your neighbors and to speak out. Goliath doesn’t have to win. Nowadays you never know when someone has taken a shine to something you hold dear, what you have worked for, come to enjoy and perhaps took for granted.

Christine Bronson