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One vote separates two candidates for Chautauqua Lake school board, other Chautauqua results

Only one vote separates two candidates for a seat on the Chautauqua Lake Board of Education.

Amy Webb has an unofficial count of 150 votes while Jill Scott has 149. Two seats are open on the board. Michael Ludwig received 171 votes. Absentee votes have not been counted.

Chautauqua Lake voters approved the school budget by a vote of 249 to 179.

Fredonia school district voters approved the budget by a vote of 489 to 258. School board candidates Brian Aldrich and Cristina Gegenschatz had 488 and 473 votes, respectively and won five year terms. Heath Forster received 403 votes and will take a three year term. There were no other candidates.

Other results:

Jamestown City Schools – Budget approved 466 to 196. Board of Education candidate Nina Karbacka had 570 votes and Daniel Johnson had 527, both were unopposed.

Silver Creek – Budget was approved 279 to 87. Proposition to purchase two buses was approved 248 to 76 and proposition to establish a reserve account approved 246 to 77. Board of education candidates Jerry Cross 273 votes and Scott Pulver 249 votes, both unopposed.

Pine Valley – Approved budget 192 to 80 and a reserve fund 191 to 81. Bus purchases approved 179 to 84. Four school board candidates were elected, Nancy Stock 198 votes, David Kohler 197 votes, Adam Lukasik 195 votes and Jeffrey Chase 175 votes. A fifth candidate, Aimee Libby received 138 votes

Cassadaga Valley – Budget approved 172 to 30. Proposition to purchase a school bus approved 176 to 27. Daniel W. Pavlock, unopposed, elected with 190 votes.

Forestville – Budget approved 155 to 35. Proposition to purchase two school buses approved 154 to 34. Proposition to establish a capital reserve, approved 169 to 31. Stacey Mierzwa 154 votes and Michael LoManto 136 votes, unopposed for the board of education.

Panama Central School – Budget approved 115 to 31 and James Mistrelle 124 votes for the board of education, unopposed.

Ripley – Budget approved 79 to 39. Purchase of two buses, approved 77 to 41. Michael A. Bull elected to the board of education with 81 votes.