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Letter: Donovan understood value of compromise

Donovan understood value of compromise

It’s no secret that I am a great admirer of Gen. William J. Donovan, one of Buffalo’s most distinguished sons, and one of our true great American heroes. I am in complete agreement with Charles Pinck’s opinion, published in the May 3 News, regarding Donovan and the unfair and unmerited attacks on the general from both the left and right ends of today’s political spectrum.

A further observation or two is in order. Donovan was able to serve his country in many different capacities in both Democratic and Republican administrations. Despite his strong political differences with President Franklin D. Roosevelt, they worked closely together during a critical period in this country. As Pinck pointed out, President Dwight D. Eisenhower recognized Donovan’s unique role in our history. He was able to survive and thrive for many reasons, one of them that he recognized that the accomplishments of difficult but worthwhile goals often requires compromise. His successes exemplify an asset to our republic, which is all too often lost in today’s polarized political climate.

Our political leaders score points with the extreme factions among their supporters by making “compromise” a dirty word. Even as the left circles one way and the right circles another, they find common ground in attacking those who seek compromise and common ground. What we need more of today is recognition that the survival of this great experiment, this American republic, depends on good will, willingness to understand another point of view, and, most importantly, willingness to compromise in the best interests of us all.

Hon. Salvatore R. Martoche