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Letter: Buffalo needs new format for School Board meetings

Buffalo needs new format for School Board meetings

I recently attended a Buffalo School Board meeting, one of many I have attended over the past few years, and realized that not much has changed. The present format, with public speakers wasting up to two hours of what could be productive time, as well as the physical arrangement of the board members, is a joke, a circus. In addition, for the hearing impaired, the acoustics and sound systems are poor. Many of the speakers use their allotted three minutes to grandstand, lead cheers and otherwise make a mockery of intelligent discussion. (There is no discussion, actually). That the board members cannot even see one another from across the table diminishes effective communication. This all must change, and soon, if we want the board to become a viable group to lead our school system in the right direction.

The first step is to eliminate the public part of the meetings. That is why we have representatives for all the various Buffalo districts, in addition to members at large. People need to voice their concerns through the representatives they elected and eventually we can turn the meeting format into something that is professionally run.

Richard Speth