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City Hallways (May 19) Budget, buildings & pizza

City budget and more

Big item today is the city budget. The Common Council gets to play around a little with Mayor Brown's 2015-16 spending plan before adopting it mid-morning.

As I've said before,  I expect council to earmark some money for participatory budgeting, and I'll get more details on that later today - if if actually happens.

But generally, I'm not expecting too much change in the budget. After all, it's tough for a council whose members are all up for election in November to quibble much with a budget that holds the line on residential property taxes, and actually cuts the commercial tax bill.

The budget vote is 10:30 a.m., right after the Council's Finance Committee meets.

The Finance Committee, by the way, may also be talking about response times of the city's ambulance provider, Rural Metro, whose contract extension has been in limbo for a while now.

The council's Community Development and Legislation committees meet later this afternoon. I'm not sure what's coming up there, but anything's possible. Those are the committees where most proposed legislation gets sent before it's voted upon.

It's also Planning Board Day in City Hall.   Nick Sinatra is back. This time he wants to build a 40-unit senior housing complex on Kensington Avenue.  Trautman Associates is looking for approval to convert the former St. Gerard's Parish on Bailey Avenue  into the Gerard Community Center.

As an aside, I remember covering City Hall 20 or so years ago. I recall Planning Board agendas were pretty light back then. Nothing like today.

Is there such thing as a greaseless pizza box?

I've sat through a couple meetings now where city officials talk about how they want to up Buffalo's not-so-great recycling rate, and inevitably, the subject turns to pizza boxes.

 Anyone with one of the city's green recycling totes (Full disclosure: I have one) may have noticed the small print bans pizza boxes from being recycled. (More full disclosure: I never read the small print.)
For for those who dutifully read the small print on the tote lid, and followed the rule, here's some big news: the rule has changed.
Yes, you can now  recycle pizza boxes.
But please, city officials said, wipe up the grease before recycling the box.
Just wondering, is that possible?


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