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Letter: We need power of prayer to overcome world’s evils

We need power of prayer to overcome world’s evils

Let us recall the 10-year-old girl strapped with a bomb and sent into a crowd to blow up innocent people. It should make us come to an awareness of the power of evil possessing human beings, leading them to commit atrocities far above mere human capabilities. Has our so-called sophisticated society eliminated the belief in personified evil – a Satan? Can we deny such a force by calling it mere superstition?

Saints have warned us that Satan wants us to disbelieve in his existence. Thus evil is free to move among us, infiltrating minds and hearts until murders and mutilations are committed, as we see perpetuated by followers of ISIS. We must admit the existence of an evil one in order to become aware that bombs and guns alone will not turn the tide against superhuman cruelty. The needed weapon is the power of prayer.

Most of our institutions of prayer – churches, synagogues and temples – are facing a decline in attendance. People believe they can go it alone in a lax attitude toward group prayer. Have we forgotten how masses flocked to places of worship during the Nazi terror? The ISIS terror should have brought about the same attention to devotions, but we are distracted.

Group prayer changes us so that we become more aware of the world’s poverty, hunger and injustice. We are inspired by group prayer to take group action to overcome the reasons that some people are enticed by evil forces.

The answer is to return to our places of worship and engage in fervent prayer, for “more things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of!”

Jean M. Lichtenthal