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Pixies play Rapids Theatre

Much has been made of the fact that founding member Kim Deal is no longer with the Pixies. Many employed this fact to rather savagely attack the band’s “Indie Cindy” release, its first in 23 years, dubbing it a sub-par effort, and basically lamenting the fact that life is not the same as it was when the Pixies released “Surfer Rosa” and occupied the “one of the most important bands of its generation” slot.

Well, boo-hoo.

With Black Francis, Joey Santiago and David Lovering still in the house, and what has proven (to me, at least) to be strong album after repeated listenings in the form of “Indie Cindy,” the Pixies in the present tense still deliver a raucous power, and in Black Francis (aka Frank Black) still boasts one of the more interesting songwriters in indie-rock history.

Which makes the Pixies’ appearance at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday in the Rapids Theatre (1711 Main St., Niagara Falls) a particularly tantalizing treat. John Grant opens. Tickets are $45-$50 (box office, Ticketfly.).

- Jeff Miers

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