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Letter: Plant-derived materials a great alternative to fur

Plant-derived materials a great alternative to fur

A May 11 letter writer doesn’t seem to be aware that the choice is not between wearing wild animals or synthetics – it’s only about being compassionate to sentient living creatures or not.

He would have us believe that the skin and fur of animals are immediately made into coats, yet fur and skin from animals go through a process that’s environmentally damaging in addition to being ecologically destructive for its indiscriminate nature. That said, he incorrectly assumes that synthetics are the only alternative material. There are plant-derived materials, such as cotton, bamboo, hemp and rayon, that are wonderfully comfortable and attractive without harming a sentient being.

Let’s not trick the public with red herrings, straw men and smoke and mirrors. The only distinction to be made is that between brutally and indiscriminately killing sentient wild animals or not. It’s very simple.

Anne Muller

Wildlife Watch

New Paltz